Electrical Inspection:

We provide a variety of inspection packages, depending on the needs of
the customer. All inspections include a written report of our findings. Whenever we carry out an inspection we test all relevant sockets, switches and circuits, not just a random sample.

Individual circuits:

We can carry out inspections on a single circuit in order to investigate a fault.


We provide a full electrical inspection of your home. This includes
testing circuits, sockets, lights, insulation, earthing and the fuse

Houses for sale:

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) can be carried on the house you want to buy, or the house you want to sell.

Properties to let:

Landlords are required to exercise ‘due diligence’ to ensure a safe
environment is provided for tenants. An Electrical Installation Condition Report of a property
will provide peace of mind and evidence that a responsible approach has
been taken, should an electrical accident or fire occur.

Business premises:

An Electrical Installation Condition Report of the building itself is required on a regular
basis. This ranges from every year up to every 5 years, depending on the
type of business.